In addition to baking them with lots of love, we also use the finest ingredients available, like Madagascar Vanilla Beans and fresh,
sweet cream butter and vine-ripe strawberries.

All of the cupcakes are hand-made so there is a slight variation to the sizes depending on the flavors.   All of the flavors at the
Cupcake Spot are lovingly concocted and combined by our staff - often using recipes handed down from generations of family and friends.


Billion Dollar Chocolate
A decadently rich devil’s food cake topped with Granny B’s “old-fashioned” vanilla icing and chocolate fudge filling.

Forget Love, I'd Rather
Fall in Chocolate

Rich chocolate cake with chocolate
buttercream frosting and chocolate fudge filling.

  Va-Va Vanilla
Our vanilla cake topped with vanilla bean buttercream frosting.
    Swirley Temple
Our vanilla cake blanketed in chocolate buttercream icing.
  Berry Squared
A “Spot” favorite - our famous strawberry cake with raspberry cream cheese icing and raspberry filling will knock your socks off!
    Paint the Town Red Velvet
A Southern delight – luxuriously moist red chocolate cake with traditional cream cheese icing.
  Bunny Hops
A scrumptious blend of carrot, walnuts, nutmeg and cinnamon topped with traditional cream cheese icing.
    Better Thans
This is our signature cupcake – what Tampa Bay Metro Magazine named “Best Small Dessert of Tampa Bay 2009”. Aunt Ginny’s deluxe chocolate chip cupcake with cream cheese and chocolate chip icing – no it doesn’t get any better than that! Also available with chocolate ganache frosting.
  The Chocolate Elvis
A banana cupcake with rich peanut butter buttercream and a dollop of fudgy chocolate and chocolate fudge filling.
    The Cuppy
This whimsical cupcake donning a cherry sour ball top looks so much like our dear mascot “Cuppy”, we named it after him! The moistest strawberry cake topped with vanilla bean buttercream icing and strawberry filling (and a sour cherry ball hat).
  Lemon Pucker
Luscious lemon cake doused with either vanilla or raspberry icing and custard lemon filling.
    Fuzzy Berry
Our strawberry cake with cream cheese icing dipped in fresh coconut flakes and raspberry filling.
  Fuzzy Browns
Our “Billion Dollar Chocolate” dipped in fresh coconut flakes and coconut filling.
    Tuxedo Bites
Just like the Black and White “cookie” these cupcakes are either vanilla or chocolate with both chocolate and white buttercream frosting.

Not just for campfires:  these graham crackers and chocolate cakes topped with marshmallow frosting and marshmallow filling will have you swooning with delight.
    Butterscotch Babies
Delectably buttery toffee cakes with vanilla butterscotch icing.
  Dulce De-licious
Chocolate cake infused with a caramel ganache and dulce de leche filling and topped with caramel buttercream and of course sea salt.
    Swirley Temple
Traditional yellow cake topped with chocolate buttercream.
  Key Lime
Tangy key lime cake topped with cream cheese frosting and rolled in graham cracker crumbs.
Chocolate cake adorned with peanut butter buttercream, chocolate fudge filling, and a dollop of chocolate ganache.

We’re always trying new flavors out and rotate many seasonal cupcakes in – flavors like key lime, pumpkin and gingerbread. You never know what “surprise” flavor may await you when you visit our stores..

The Cupcake Spot uses the freshest and best ingredients to make our cupcakes.
Attention: Guests with food allergies should know the cupcakes may contain peanuts, nuts, eggs, strawberries, gluten, soy and dairy products.
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